Zen Garden

Zen Garden

Noisy train trips or a shaky flight? Don’t worry. Zen Garden gives you three unique musical environments, tailored for comfort and relaxation.

We want to help you relax with musical instruments that react to your gaze, placed in calm, lush environments even in the most noisy and stressful of context.



Temple: This scene is inspired by the famous dome structure of rome, Pantheon. It contains a great amount of cozy candles and heavenly choirs if you gaze up to the eye of the building.

Garden: For ultimate relaxation we have the Zen Garden. It contains multiple instruments inspired by ancient china with the purpose to calm your nerves. Instruments include Spheres of light, wind chimes, gong gong and floating lanterns.

Oasis: Our more mysterious scene, taking place in the middle of the Sahara desert. Featuring a bedouin camp with a clear starry sky for roof. On the ground level there is a campfire giving a cozy but intense feeling to your own personal bedouin camp.


This project was made on personal demand from our developer Per Fornander, who felt dissatisfied with the current relaxation apps on the market. It is also our first product which we wanted to test the waters in the mobile vr space without selling our imaginary children.